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You too can have a dream home in Israel, even though for most of the time you live far away. My task as a Tel Aviv interior designer and decorator is to make this happen. Step by step, you can witness your dreams slowly coming true. Interior Design Israel is a long process and often a challenging one – but together we can bring it about. My job, as your designer, is to hold your hand throughout everything: from the concept to the final picture on the wall. I am here to transform your wishes into reality.

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About Me, Interior Design Israel

My name is Inbal Karako, Creativity is my essence. I came to interior design from my love of art and painting and from my experience in renewing furniture and walls. I am a designer since 2009. In the past 14 years I have designed homes for handred of satisfied people.

Interior Design Israel is my passion, But Its imprtant to me to find out exactly what my clients want and to ensure that they receive just that – no more and no less. That means that I listen to your needs and desires and produce plans that reflect them. I accompany you to the stores for shopping, oversee the implementation, advise and calm you so that life can go on even when you are renovating or building.

Should you be abroad for a protracted period, you can leave me to go shopping on your behalf in the confidence that I will only purchase goods that meet both our agreed specifications and our budget. And most of all I ensure that the end result will be all that you could wish for – spacious and airy, comfortable and harmonious, beautiful and appealing. You will see the very best of Israel interior design. It will be the stuff that your dreams are made on .

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Interior Design Israel – how the process works

Nowadays the fact that you may not be in the same country is no bar to successful collaboration. The telephone and the Internet have ensured that distant communication is no barrier.

My extensive experience of designing apartments for foreign residents and vacationers ensures that you keep control of the process however far away you happen to be. Firstly we sit and talk the whole project through, dealing with every aspect in detail. Following this I produce a three dimensional plan, which helps me design and realize the potential of depth and space. This clarifies everything for my clients and ensures that they can have full confidence and become partners in the creative process.

Please take a look at the on-site video to see how important and how useful these 3-D plans can be. Once the plan has been agreed, I provide you with a tool that will help you manage the budget. I realise that the greatest fear that people have when they engage an interior designer is that costs will just run away and turn the dream into a nightmare.

Consequently I provide an Excel document which lists every component and cost, big and small alike right down to the kitchen door knob. At a glance, at any time, you can see how actual expenditure is kept strictly in line with the pre-agreed budget. Your investment will be in safe hands.

Summing it up Choosing to have your home designed and fitted out under my supervision gives you enormous advantages:

– Confidence in the work of an experienced creative and highly professional Tel Aviv interior designer and decorator

– Complete supervision of all purchasing decisions and the work of sub-contractors

– My designs are luxurious, without being ostentatious, and reflect the latest worldwide trend – they are distinctive and unique

– Projects that will be delivered on time and on budget and above all, the knowledge that the finished product will reflect your wishes and preferences, not those of the designer Dreaming of a home in Israel? interesting in interior design in Israel?

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